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Self Compassion & Crochet 
Group Therapy


I love crochet. Everything about. It's also the most frustrating hobby I've every done. This is where the work is. During our sessions we'll explore not just crocheting, self compassion and inevitability frogging (ripping out stitches). Even if you've never picked up a crochet hook, you're welcome!

Self Compassion & Crochet

Group Duration: 3 Months
Session Length: 2 Hours
Session Frequency: bi-weekly

Together we'll explore mindfulness, self compassion while learning how to crochet and going through the process and learning curve of making project. We'll checking in as a group on or self-talk, those pesky perfectionistic tendencies and even procrastination. 

What to expect: Each session we'll start out with a grounding meditation then we'll do a check-in on you and your WIP (work in progress). Together we'll discuss any challenges that have arisen. 

My hope is that by the end of the 12 weeks together you'll leave with new tools and resources to create a self compassionate space to bring into every area of your life, a sense of pride, ability and maybe a new hobby that you enjoy!

Please note: Depending on your location and knowledge of crochet, your materials can be provided to you which will impact the course fee. Crochet materials will include; hook, yarn, patter and required notions.

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