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Working with a Psychotherapist

You may have wondered or even ruminated if you have to live like this forever. Will the anxiety ever go away? Do you have to experience depression or numbness while taking antidepressants? Is your eating or mood disorder something you just have to accept as part of your everyday life? Working with a psychotherapist can help you address these concerns and moreover, help you feel empowered to create the change you want.

Choosing A Psychotherapist to Work With

This is the most important part. Choosing a psychotherapist, I feel, based solely on a picture, write up or even price could be to your detriment and/or your healing. Psychotherapists all have different approaches and training and most importantly, personalities. What kind of therapist do you want to work with? One that will provide feedback or might stay more introspective? Or are you looking for someone that specializes in CBT and it's a very time-defined process? The one thing psychotherapists generally do not do is provide "advice". We are not the experts in your life, you are, and that is what I will help you unlock as we work together. Key takeaway: Have consultations with multiple psychotherapists to find the "right fit" for where you are today.

Working With A Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy doesn't have to be a long-term thing. Nor is it just for those working through mental health challenges. Working with a psychotherapist can be the ideal to help you through a crisis but can also help to change a habit. By understanding your feelings and reactions to both positive and negative events, as well as emotions and thoughts within yourself, you can get more awareness of yourself, leading to more control over your life. Key takeaway: You can work with a psychotherapist for more than just mental health issues and/or disorders.

Working With A Psychotherapist Online or In-Person

With a few exceptions, I feel this comes to personal preference for finding a psychotherapist as there are pros and cons to both working with a psychotherapist online vs. in person. I am currently working on a piece that tackles this topic, but in the end, follow what you feel works best for you and your own life circumstances.

Key takeaway: Find a psychotherapist to work with that can suit your needs right now.

Spring Berriman is a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO (the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario), working and offering psychotherapy services online. If you have questions or would like to book a free consultation you can call 647-297-9235 or email


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