Our Therapists

Below, you'll find other therapists that work with me. These people below are those that I know and trust. Choosing to bring on a therapist to work with is not something I've taken lightly. I look to ensure they align with my values and most importantly my ethos. If my approach has resonated with you, I strongly feel they will as well! So go ahead, give them a shot! 

Brushed Metal

Cathy Eu,
Registered Psychotherapist

"In the mess is where our creativity and resourcefulness live, it’s where we discover our own inner wisdom, it’s what makes us interesting and unique." 

Cathy is one of the most grounded therapists I know. She has a warmth and strength that creates a space of support and safety for all. Cathy strongly resonates with a mind, body & spirit approach and is also a Spiritual Director & Reiki Master.

More therapists coming soon

It takes time and getting to know therapists to make the right choice for me and you! Please feel free to check back often. 
Do you think you're a good fit to work together?
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