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Our Connection is Your Connection

I feel it's important when you're seeking psychotherapy, whether that be individually as a couple or a family, that you're comfortable, you feel supported and that you and your therapist both feel it's a "fit".

What do I mean by that?
The cornerstone of successful therapy is the "therapeutic alliance". It's the fit, the vibe and how you feel and connect with your therapist. For therapists the relationship that the therapist and client build is biggest indicator of successful therapy. While it is important for therapists to remain impartial, it is equally important for our clients to feel heard, seen and understood and to know we'll support you the whole way.

I've started this page to help you find someone that could fit your needs, both therapeutically and financially. So, I have asked these therapists to work alongside me. I know them, I trust them and have confidence you're in good hands and even better hearts. If my approach has resonated with you, I feel they might as well...
So go ahead, give them a shout! 

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Finding the Right Therapist at the Right Time
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