A Note about my dogs

While Trinket and Zowie are not "certified therapy dogs" with an organization at this time, their natural therapeutic nature is undeniable. Animal Assisted Therapy can be with any pet (even your own), not just those trained to be obedient and listen.



Trinket is an adorable, active, beacon of joy who charges at life with all the gusto her little body can muster, leaving a train of smiles behind her! She is always surprising me in her ability to meet my clients where they're at. She easily attunes to your energy knowing when to step in or sit back and just relax. Trinket's favourite thing is to work! She loves to be with clients and to do scent detection in her spare time.  



Retired and Living in the lap of luxury!

Zowie is the sweetest calmest girl you'll meet! Although it wasn't always so. She is one of the most energetic dogs I've ever encountered. Zowie's true therapeutic nature began in her senior years. She is now living the good life with me at home and will sometimes muster up the energy to do a walking session with a client. Her favourite thing is it to lay out on the grass in the sun and roll around on her back!



May 12, 2006 - March 09, 2019

Hooligan was a certified therapy dog with Therapeutic Paws of Canada. As I started my journey on becoming a Registered Psychotherapist, Hooligan was with me very step of the way and being in sessions with me often. He was calm, collected and a bit of a goofball! His dearly missed by me and clients alike.