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Land Acknowledgment 

I acknowledge that I reside on the traditional territory of the Michi Saagig Anishnaabeg Peoples from Curve Lake First Nation and Hiawatha First Nation. Known by the Anishinaabae as Nogojiwanong (Colonized name Peterborough) meaning "place at the end of the rapids".

I am thankful to the Michi Saagig Peoples and their ancestors for their continued care of Nogojiwanong, the land that I have occupied and now call home. As I continue unlearning, I commit to support all Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island in their ongoing fight and recognition of the genocide of their family, ancestors, language spirituality and culture as a whole.

This is an ongoing work in progress within myself as I seek to understand and educate myself on my impact as a settler on stolen land.

My goal is to unlearn Colonial and oppressive practices and ideals.

My hope is that you will join me. 

Our Learning & Supporting Indigenous Voices
Below you'll find a list of websites, books and resources to support indigenous voices and to learn more. These are nowhere near exhaustive and will be updated.
Some books may be fiction, they will be denoted with (*)


Truth and Reconciliation Community Bobcaygeon
Article: The Rick Lake Purchase by Dr. David Shanahan 

Chanie Wenjack School
Article: Nogojiwanong: Traditional Area

Video: The Hidden History of "Hand Talk"
(Indigenous Sign Language)


Seven Fallen Feather by Tanya Talaga

Five Little Indians by Michelle Good *

21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act
by Bob Joseph

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
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