Hey what about.... 

Your most common questions answered

Your approach? What does Spiritual Psychotherapy even mean? 

Before you get all weirded out that I'm going to call the power the elements or get "hokey" on you let me explain! 
I'm a pragmatic person but I'm also spiritual. My belief is that we all have a mind, body spirit connection. I believe in the energetics and vibrations of all things and also, if that's not your jam, no problem! There's more than one way to do a piece of processing and I'm here to facilitate that process. Meeting you where you're at and doing what works for you is how your therapy will be successful. 

Your fees? Do you offer sliding scale rates?

Yep! I work strictly on a sliding scale, I know it's a bit different than traditionally fees.. So, when you come in for your first session (after we've met and had a consultation), I'll check in with you to see where you would like to fall on that sliding scale. Where you do, is where you stay until you tell me otherwise. My sliding scale rate is $120-$145/session including HST. 

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session is 50 minutes in length. I book you into a one hour time slot. The last 10 minutes of session is  scheduling your next appointment and taking notes regarding session.