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Life Transitions & Change

Areas of Interest

Either by choice or not, this can be a nerve wracking and disruptive time for anyone. Regardless of the type of transition or change, I'm here to support you. Change is hard but, I'm sure where you right now is also hard (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this). It's up to you to choose the hard you want to take on.

Trauma & Resiliency

Trauma isn't necessarily just what happened, it's how your system and body react to it. What could be trauma for one is not for another. With gentle guidance,  and if you wish, you can release and let got of your trauma at your pace. As always tell my clients, you're more resilient than you know, you'll get through this.

Self Esteem, Confidence & Personal Development

How you see yourself and how you show up has a direct impact on how you interact with others and how they interact with you. Self esteem and confidence also inform how we see the world with links to depression, anxiety, shame and even choice of partner. One of my favourite parts of what I do is working with young women and watching them step into their power and creating changes in areas they never thought possible. 

About Spring the Psychotherapist

After a successful 15+ year career in the real-estate industry, I made the choice to pursue my true passion, that of helping others. The most personally rewarding aspect of any job I held during this time in real-estate was that of supporting others in the workplace, thereby fostering strong working and interpersonal relationships, and helping my colleagues to realize their best selves.

As a deeply compassionate therapist, I believe strongly in creating a safe space for mutual growth, wherein our alliance advances the therapeutic processes. With avid curiosity and respect, we’ll explore the innermost workings of your mind, heart and spirit. I believe in taking a client-centered approach to my practice, acknowledging you as an individual and working as your pace dictates.

Without preconceived agenda, I'll work alongside you holistically in seeking your truth. In addition to Individual Therapy, I also offer Couples Therapy and Group Therapy.

Spring Berriman, Registered Psychotherapist - Headshot

About Spring the Person

This feels like an awkward dating profile but let's give it a go. Spending time out in nature with my dogs at the beach, the park or endangering myself walking on trails (as I'm quite clumsy) is my favourite activity. I enjoy crocheting and making things for those I care about as well as making items for donation. Despite not being competitive (who's kidding, I'm very competitive but will deny it), I love murder mystery games, board games like Sequence, Splendour and Ticket to Ride, and the card game Magic: The Gathering Commander/EDH. I have eclectic tastes in movies, ranging from X-men and Marvel anything to Pride and Prejudice, The Labyrinth, School of Rock and Tombstone. 

I actively volunteer with TEAM Cat Rescue and Brunos Project as well as run a support group for those in animal rescue that are on "the front lines." 

Quirky Facts: I hate rice with the fire of a thousand suns. I love oldies music, like before I was born but obviously, 80's power ballads ROCK!

About Spring
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