A Bit About Spring

After a successful 15+ year career in the real-estate industry, I made the choice to pursue my true passion, that of helping others. The most personally rewarding aspect of any job I held during this time in real-estate - be that as office manager, executive assistant or operations manager - was that of supporting others in the workplace, thereby fostering strong working and interpersonal relationships, and helping my colleagues to realize their best selves.

As a deeply compassionate therapist, I believe strongly in creating a safe space for mutual growth, wherein cohesion and alliance advance the therapeutic processes of healing and development. With avid curiosity and respect, we’ll explore the innermost workings of your mind, heart and spirit. I believe in taking a client-centered approach to my practice, acknowledging you as an individual and working as your pace dictates.

Without preconceived agenda, I'll work alongside you holistically in seeking your truth. In addition to Individual Therapy, I also offer Couples Therapy and Group Therapy. I also offer Psychotherapy sessions via Doxy.me - much like Skype or Facetime, but secure - for those who are prevented from attending in person.

My office is located at Main and Kingston Rd. in the Upper Beaches. I invite you to contact me to begin your journey.