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Registered Psychotherapist

Here you'll learn more about my practice and my approach to psychotherapy. Feel free to reach out with any questions or, why not take that first step and click the button below to book a free half hour consultation.

"When you listen generously to people they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time."

- Rachel Naomi Remen

Spring Berriman, Registered Psychotherapist

Who is Psychotherapy for?

Easily put, anyone. Psychotherapy can be for anyone, at any stage or age of their life. For me the idea of psychotherapy is to bring in Awareness of self and for what may no longer serves us. Accepting where you are at and moving into Action to create and Change what you want for your self, your relationships and your own growth. 

I have worked with all age ranges from teens to elders into their 70's, some with mental health issues, others resolving trauma, personal growth, grieving a loss or just needing a safe space to suss out how and what they feel.

Regardless of what brings you to therapy, I'm here to listen, provide tools and resources that help and to support you the whole way through.

Areas of Interest & Training

While I was trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, I am always learning and adding to my psychotherapy toolbox. There can be many different types of therapies and modalities. Psychotherapists are all different, despite training, so invariably our own selves and perspective of world will inform how we work. Talk therapy, sub-personalities, ACT, Mindfulness, inner child and shadow work, Havening, parts work, experiential therapy, guided visualizations, coaching and mindfulness are just some of the ways that I have helped clients.

I have a very eclectic approach. I do what works for my clients. If something is not resonating with you, we can change it. This is your processing and discovery, I'm here to support and guide that process.
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Meet The Furtherapists

Spring Berriman Registered Psychothearpist & Thearpy dog Trinket

Trinket, Furtherapist

Trinket is an adorable, active, beacon of joy who charges at life with all the gusto her little body can muster, leaving a train of smiles behind her! She is always surprising me in her ability to meet my clients where they're at. She easily attunes to your energy knowing when to step in or sit back and just relax. Trinket's favourite thing is to work! She loves to be with clients and to do scent detection in her spare time.  

Spring Berriman Registered Psychothearpist & Thearpy dog Swazye

Patrick Swayze, Furtherapist
in training

Originally from St. Lucia, Swayze joined us in Feb 2022. He's full of energy and sometimes a bit shy. Under all that, he's a velcro dog who loves snuggles and any attention he can get. In time, I'm sure he'll make a great addition to client care and partaking in outdoor, walking and eventually nature therapy! In Swayze's spare time, he likes to play with squeaky toys and steal fresh towels to take outside.

Spring Berriman Registered Psychothearpist & Thearpy dog Zowie


Zowie is the sweetest calmest girl you'll meet! Although it wasn't always so. She is one of the most energetic dogs I've ever encountered. Zowie's true therapeutic nature began in her senior years. She is now living the good life with me at home and will sometimes muster up the energy to do a walking session with a client. Her favourite thing is it to lay out on the grass in the sun and roll around on her back!

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